Lingerie and Swimwear

Lingerie and Swimwear

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We have worked with Metro Imaging in Clerkenwell over many years and it is thru Metro that we have worked extensively on Marks and Spencer point of sale imagery (above). The client  requires a very high-end-glossy look to their lingerie images with the models looking flawless but not airbrushed. This is where we excel. With many years experience of ‘skin work’ we are able to retouch the skin whilst keeping the texture and feel. We also ensure the lingerie always look its best in terms of fit and colour matching to the actual product.

Style: "Neutral" Monsoon2 M&S1

We have provided a lingerie retouching service for many high street brands, including Monsoon (above) and Ballet (below).

Lingerie retouching Style: "Neutral" 

Working with Nikki Cooke on her  swimwear brand (below) we were brought in to organize the shoot and retouching of her collection. Using the skills of Gareth Buddo at Furmoto Photography we shot and then retouched the full product range for use on-line and various print requirements.


Along with the product shots the client also required a location shot to use as a branding image (below). With clever studio lighting on the day of the studio shoot, and later sourcing of a background from stock, we were able to achieve this in post production saving our client the time, effort and cost of an additional shoot.



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