How does Blink price up my job?

For starters we have a maximum daily tariff of £350.

We most often quote a fixed price before we commence a retouch but not in all cases. At times we work on a day / hourly rate. We are flexible in our approach and will always reach a solution on how we price up a campaign that is the best for our clients.

How do I send my files to Blink?

You can send us your files using our Hightail account (formerly known as Yousendit). Click the ‘UPLOAD FILES’ link on our website and follow the simple procedure. No need to register and no charge.

Can I use my preferred file sending service to get my files to Blink?

If you have a preferred file sending service we are happy to receive files this way. Or if you would like us to pick up files from your ftp that is just fine too.

I would like extra security when sending and receiving files, can Blink help me with this?

We have not had a single problem with security when sending files but if you require that extra piece of mind we can password protect your files when sending or receiving files from our Hightail account. A small charge will be applied.

I am not an industry professional will you retouch my imagery?

Our clients are mostly photographers or advertising and design agencies but we do deal with ‘non-trade clients’. With non-trade clients we generally request to be paid via Paypal prior to the release of the final retouched images.

What are the preferred file formats for my images?

Ideally we would like tif files that have not been previously compressed in another format. If this is not available jpg format is usually fine although it is favourable if the jpg files have been saved as a maximum quality jpg.

Will Blink take on weekend work?

We all work in a pressurized working environment and we understand that at times clients may need us to work at the weekend.

What are Blink’s payment terms?

We operate a policy of 30 days from date of invoice.


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