Editorial and Still Life

Editorial image retouching

Editorial image retouchingstill life photo retouchingstill life photo retouching

We work with award winning¬† still life photographer Jenny Van Sommer’s (above) helping her achieve her visual style and identity.

still life photo retouchingphoto retouchingmens health photo retouching  male life photo retouchingstill life photo retouching

Advertising and Editorial photographer Steve Gallagher has a distinctive style self evident in his work here. These 5 editorial images (above) were commissioned by Mens Health Magazine and Wired, and were created using editorial image retouching services from Blink Retouching.

Each item was shot many times with a different area of focus each time, we then blended the shots together to create one finished object. We worked closely with Steve to enhance the image, add in graphic elements, and turn an everyday object into a thing of beauty and most importantly achieve his desired effect.

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