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Advertising photo retouching: Client - Conran Design, Brand - Max FactorHigh end image retouching: Client - Conran Design, Brand - Max Factor

We’ve worked with CDG5 who are based within Procter & Gamble HQ for many years. Here we carried out an advertising photo retouching service on these Max Factor product compositions. Along with hitting the creative brief crucial to their success was very careful colour matching to the product in both RGB and CMYK formats.

Victoria Square -High End Image Retouching

This ‘Vimto Splat’ image was briefed in to us by the Driven Agency. The brief itself was quite simple, ‘make the splat look as if it is sitting on the building.’ The execution perhaps a little trickier. Making full use of our Illustrative skills we combined photo montage with hand drawn elements to produce an image that more than met the client’s expectations.

Advertising photo retouching: Client – David Marquez, Brand - Pradaclient David Marquez brand Fendi

Two striking shots by photographer David Marquez (above) for high end brands Prada and Fendi that required experienced retouchers with an eye for detail and a high standard of finish.

11 copy 2  High End Image Retouching 

Multi product compositions from imagery that we sourced from photographic libraries,  comped together to produce 2 striking images (above), one for Royal Caribbean Cruises the other for Raleigh Cycles. Using photo library images it was important that all the elements worked with each other so our colour correcting and masking skills were pivotal in pulling the image together.

Image Retouching

A shot of Kylie by top fashion photographer Simon Emmett and retouched by Blink.


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